Looking through my last year’s orders from customers, it’s happy to find that more and more customers’ would like to buy 2 in 1 uncoiler and leveler machine. With its well-designed structure, this model greatly saves production line space, and improves work stability. Following let’s get a knowing of its working principle.

  1. Basic Structure of 2 in 1 uncoiler and leveler machine

The leveling machine part of the 2 in 1 uncoiler and leveler is composed of two parts of the flattening machine transmission part and the base. The drive mechanism of the leveling machine is mainly composed of a drive motor, a transmission reducer, a shaft end sprocket of the reducer, a sprocket drive shaft and a gear of the transmission leveling frame, and two sets of flat rollers on the upper and lower sides, and two sets of belt rollers.

  1. How to adjust gap distance between leveling rollers

The leveling operation is completed by the feeding roller and the leveling roller. Before and after the leveling adjustment, the upper and lower gaps of the feeding roller need to be adjusted. When the gap is too large, the material is large, the material cannot be pressed, and the material is biased. If the gap is too small, it will cause excessive deformation of the material.

With the use of the 2 in 1 uncoiler and leveler, the leveling adjustment handles should be adjusted according to the thickness and the yield strength of the material to ensure that the raw material meets the leveling requirements. You can see a YouTube link of operation for a reference

  1. Suggestions for pick the proper uncoiler and levler model

Henli Machinery independently researches, designs, manufactures and sells four standard 2 in 1 uncoiler and leveler for different production needs, the models are CL, UL, SHB, SHL. In this video, it is UL model. The former two are more suitable for the weight of the coil and the material width are small, and the material thickness is ≤4.5mm. If customers need to straighten 4.5mm but no much budget to buy SHL model 2 in 1 uncoiler and leveler, then we can customize UL model by UL-B for 4.5mm, which can save much cost. Showing you a photo from my Indian customer’s order:

2 in 1 uncoiler and leveler machine

2 in 1 uncoiler and leveler machine for thick plate sheet, this machine was ordered by our indian customer.