Coil materials have a small footprint and are easy to store and transport. Coil is a necessary raw material for stamping automation, and coil material needs an uncoiler machine to achieve stamping automation.

Before the common use of uncoiler machine, most of the uncoiling process of the coil material was realized by a simple bracket. It consists of an iron rod with a certain strength, a hollow shaft and two supporting frames.

1. The support is realized by clamping the coiled material through the hollow shaft.
2. Through the friction between the outer wall of the hollow shaft and the inner wall of the coil, the coil is driven by the rotating turntable and connected to the machine (leveler, feeder machine or pulling machine) to pull the coil to achieve unwinding.

This simple bracket has obvious defects. First, it can only be used for coils whose inner diameter is consistent with the outer diameter of the hollow shaft. For coils whose inner diameter is inconsistent with the outer diameter of the hollow shaft, it cannot be uncoiled, which has great limitations. ;

The follow-up needs to be pulled by other processing equipment (leveling machine, feeder or pulling machine), which will damage the service life of the machine. At the same time, there is no braking device, and the stability of the unwinding is not good, and it is easy to loose materials.

Now, the uncoiler machine has replaced this simple bracket. And it can be customized according to the actual needs of customers, which greatly expands the scope of use of the uncoiler machine. And the uncoiler machine has good stability and low failure rate, which fundamentally improves the production efficiency.