Hi, everyone, today we are talking about the RFS high-speed roll feeder, why I choose this topic in this weekly new? Because I am feeling the popular of this machine is keeping up. Last week, I got 5 inquiries about RFS high-speed roll feeder, at the first, I don’t have such awareness, until this week I was got 4 inquiries of RFS again. So I am discussing with our engineer why the RFS high-speed roll feeder will become more and more popular in oversea market? There are two mainly reason as follow,

Reason A: The production principle of RFS High-speed roll feeder.

First, the eccentric disc of the RFS high-speed roll feeder is installed on output shaft in press by fixed seat, power is supplied by the output-shaft, which drive the rod to do the linear reciprocation motion, therefor the drive shaft bring the connecting low roller to do the swing motion.

The main part of the are the direct and reverse device, which design almost the same but the function is totally different. The single-way device lead the roller rotate in one direction, driving the material go forward. And the reverse device prevent the lower roller turn reversely, at the same time, in order to make sure the accuracy of feeding, we are install the brake drive to eliminate the inertia of rotation.

Reason B: the advantage of RFS High-speed roll feeder.

  1. The structure of the RFS High-speed roll feeder is the similar with the single-way device, which can be prove control the lower-roller in precisely, high durability and will not be reduce the wheel accuracy under use for a long time. It is the most importance that there are some residual oil spilled during pressing, the structure will protect the machine brake is not lost and the rear wheel is reversed and not appear the mistake feeding.
  2. The RFS High-speed roll feeder does not produce the high heat during the operation, there are super-hard alloy in the roller, which is not easy to abrasion.
  3. The RFS High-speed roll feeder as a circular motion around the roller, instead of four guide posts linear motion, therefor the machine will not appear jamming phenomenon.
  4. If the RFS High-speed roll feeder with the reverse device, the speed can be reached 30M/min (the general speed is 20M/min), which is increase 50% effectiveness.
  5. The friction of the roller is small, the required transmission torque is relatively reduced, the transmission mechanism is less susceptible to damage, and the service life is high.
RFS high speed roller feeder detailed photoes

RFS high speed roller feeder detailed photoes

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