Dongguan Henli Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd. established in 2005,is a professional manufacturer focusing on research, design, production, sales and service in the integrated of auto equipments of punching machines, coil automation solution, factory automation solution and steel coil processing production line.

Our machines are widely used in hardware, home appliance, automobile, electronic components and steel coil cutting slitting areas. Products of our company: Slitting line, cut to length line, 3 in 1 NC straightening roll feeder, NC servo roll feeder, high speed roll feeder, decoiler, straightener, 2 in 1 decoiler and straightener, double head decoiler, air feeder, precision leveler and robotic arms, etc. According to the different requirements of the manufacturers, special design, manufacture all kinds of automatic punch press feeding equipment. In order to meet the rapid development of the industry and meet the customers to reduce operating costs, improve production efficiency, improve quality and enhance the demand for competition, the company all employees actively research and development, professional high-speed precision punching and automation peripheral equipment, machinery parts processing and mechanical equipment , Has a group of high-tech, high-quality personnel.

three major functional components

  1. The decoiler part:

decoiler part of the function is to fix the coil in the decoiler on the spindle, the expansion of the spindle parts, is to support the inner diameter of the coil support table. During the operation of the production line, the spindle is rotated and the coil is opened according to the ring control command. It is often equipped with a material pressing arm and a baffle plate. The role of the decoiler material pressing arm: cut the coil when the fixed bundle to the front of the coil by the leveling machine bite so far to prevent the material rebound; production line operation, so that the coil smoothly open the film to prevent the collapse of the coil.
The role of the decoiler arm: After the coil is fixed on the decoiler, use the web side limit roller to prevent the web from shifting in the width direction.

  1. The material ring control part:

the material ring part of a connection plate, its role is intermittently in the transport of materials for the decoiler and leveling feeder between the buffer length, absorption feeder intermittent feeding action brought To influence.
Henli three-in-one feed machine ring control part of the speed control is achieved through two sets of optoelectronics, easy to maintain the most appropriate material ring.

  1. Straightener Feeder part:

in the decoiler to support the coil after forming the material ring, and stamping to obtain a synchronization signal, through the feed roller to the punching machine into a certain amount of correction roller to remove the material of the device folding.

choose 3in1 five main advantages :

1.type, wider scope of application:

triple feeder is divided into standard, plate, thick plate three types, according to the thickness of the applicable materials to distinguish between the standard three-in-one feeder 0.3-3.2mm Thickness sheet material automatic production, mainly used in computers, monitors, printers, air conditioners, set-top boxes and other fine stamping occasions; in the three-in-one feeder for 0.6-4.5mm thick plate automatic production, the main application In the electrical accessories, auto parts, ceiling punching, and motor rotor stamping process in the plate punching occasions; thick plate triple feeder for 1.0-6.0mm thick thick plate of automated production materials, mainly used in the shelves punching , Brake pads stamping, casters and other metal stamping stamping material occasions.

2.the level of feeding a higher precision, better quality finished product.

Separate stamping line consisting of a single material frame, a leveler, and a feeder is a completely separate three piece of equipment, and there is a material to be stocked between each piece of equipment, so that even if each piece of equipment is installed Inverter, its operation, with can not be fully synchronized, eventually more or less will affect the leveling, feeding accuracy, precision three-in-one feeder to rack, leveling, feeding integrated into a machine, Making the machine to achieve a complete synchronization with the photoelectric material arc control system, feed line height using advanced worm gear adjustment device, really ensure the leveling feeding accuracy.
3.compact structure, small footprint.

3-in-1 Feeder Split-line production line Due to the need to be reserved between the machine and the machine to be expected area, making customers in the plant layout to be reserved for a lot of very long space, choose three-in-one feeder why the more More? Especially in the plate above the material, the layout space requirements are often about 10 meters, three-in-one feeder and even some need to dig the ground pit, and precision three-in-one feeder is the integration of the three machines into one machine Body compact structure, footprint area compared to the traditional separation of independent stamping production line reduced by more than half of the plant space has been fully utilized, the operator also has enough room to operate, does not produce discomfort, and to ensure maximum punching Safety of processing and production.
4. the operation is convenient, truly automated, greatly saving labor.

triple feeding machine to reduce labor intensity. Why 3-in-1 feeder is more and more? Although the split stamping production line can be automated in operation, it needs to manually carry out a series of operations such as loading, feeding, adjusting, testing machine, refueling and so on, so that it does not really realize the automatic production.
5.the failure rate is very low.

the import of core components, improve the lubrication system, comes with self-test program. Why 3-in-1 feeder is more and more? Three-in-one feeder core components are imported from Japan, while improving the lubrication system and comes with self-test program, making the whole wear and tear is very small, very low failure rate, maintenance is very simple.

Such a high-performance automation equipment, who can not like it?