Why is the signal of the nc servo feeder and the punch press machine always interrupted? What is the reason?

The principle of synchronization between the nc servo feeder and the punching machine is not complicated. In simple terms, the PLC of the nc servo feeder receives the angular shaft angle signal transmitted by the crankshaft encoder of the press punching machine, and realizes the feeding and loosening actions at the specified timing through calculation, so as to achieve the purpose of the synchronous operation of the press punch machine.

The consistency of the signal is to ensure the accuracy of each feeding and the reliability of stamping, and the actual installation method of the nc servo feeder to achieve this effect is also very simple, only need to receive two sets of cam signals from the press punch machine (one set is for feeding signal, one group is the relaxation signal), and then connect it to the PLC in the control box of the nc servo feeder, and the PLC can precisely control the feeding action of the servo system to achieve perfect cooperation with the press punch machine.