Why is NC servo feeder cost-effective? Every company wants to buy a machine with high cost-effective. In the punch feeder equipment industry, it has been mentioned for a long time that the high cost-effective feeder is roller feeder. It has few faults, is stable and cheap, and is one of the models favored by customers.

NC Servo Feeder Work With Mechanical Punch Press

Servo feeder machine greatly simplified work flow and improve production efficiency.

However, with the development of punch press equipment towards diversification and high precision. The common roller feeding equipment have not met the accuracy, step diversity and simplicity of operation. And have been replaced. In contrast, NC servo feeder has higher cost performance. Why? Let’s take a look.

  1. More choice of models: NC servo feeder has a variety of models to choose from, including pneumatic, mechanical, sheet, medium plate, thick plate, strong thick plate, skew type, etc. With high degree of customization, it can be used with various types of presses for stamping production, and it can also be used with plate shears, molding machines and other types of machine tools, with a wide range of application.
  2. Advantages of operation, use and maintenance. The NC servo feeder has a vertical electric control operation box, which adopts the double control operation mode of key and handle. The step distance, speed and times can be completed by point control on the touch screen, which is simple and fast. For the convenience of mold test, a mold test handle is designed, which can quickly and conveniently complete the commissioning of the feeder. The use of a full set of advanced CNC system also makes the NC feeder with its own detection and alarm prompt. It’s very convenient for maintenance.
  3. Reliable quality and technical advantages. The NC servo feeder uses the touch screen to write the operation parameters into PLC, PLC drives the servo motor through pulse command, the servo motor drives the feed roller through synchronous belt, and the lower roller drives the upper roller through gear to realize accurate feeding. The whole control system is controlled by advanced CNC system, and its operation is completely independent of external factors. Influence has irreplaceable advantages in technology and structure.
  4. Performance advantages. The NC feeding accuracy is generally ± 0.02mm, which can reach ± 0.01mm in short distance feeding. The feeding step distance is 0-10m, which can be adjusted at will. At the same time, it has a multi-stage feeding function. It can input multiple groups (up to 20 groups) of different feeding length according to the actual demand, which can be used for modern diversified processing and production demand.

Although the price of NC servo feeder is higher than that of other models, its simple operation can save a lot of working time and labor cost, so the processing cost can be greatly reduced. At the same time, because of the high feeding accuracy of NC servo feeder, the product quality is high, the scrap rate is low, and the quality of production is greatly improved, which reduces a lot of expenses. For a long time, the cost of equipment will be reduced, but there are more functions in operation. So NC servo feeder has a high cost-effective.