Heavy decoiler machine is commonly refer to decoilers that loading weight is more than 5 tons, and handle high strength metal material. Some features like, easy-to-control, work-with-many-more-materials, various-optional-functions, etc. Heavy decoiler may fail to start after years’work. Here let’s talk about two possible situations.

MT1300 Heavy Duty Decoiler Machine with Coil Car

Situation 1: Power relay starting hour is delayed too much.

decoiler may processing different materials, and different materials may have different thickness and property. Change of the material and production line speed may cause Power Relay change. Relay time may accumalte time by time. Here henli machinery recommend you should pay attention to your Power Relay parameter on thime, and adjusting the data according to your production real condition. With this extra care, the decoiler can work better with the rest machines of production line, and you don’t need to worry about unpredictable line down.

Situation 2: wire connected to loop sensor is off

During the actual processing of the heavy-duty decoiler, the wiring of the connected sensor rods should be regularly checked.

Situation 3: Voltage transformer and AC Contactor are damaged.

If you want to check these equipment without any problems, then you must check all the components of the electric controller of the heavy-duty decoiler according to professional engineers to see if they are damaged, replacing these damaged ones can be solved.

Situation 4: Motor and Reducer not work

If there is no sound from the motor, the wiring of the motor is bad or the motor is burned out; if the motor has sound, plug in the connector connected to the reducer and check whether the connector is damaged. Commonly, the failure rate of the reducer is extremely low. It is necessary to eliminate other failure causes before checking.

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