Let us know about the structure of 3 in 1 decoiler straightener feeder machine at first. Commonly decoiler straightener feeder machine is consisting of coil decoiler, sheet straightener and metal feeder. Coil Decoiler equips with coil car and hydraulic expansion device. Coil car helps loading material automatically into coil shaft, hydraulic expansion will expanding coil shaft instead of manual work. Both Coil car and hydraulic expansion improve work efficiency, making your coil handling work easier and smarter.

As you know, mechanism like decoiler straightener feeder machine will also has problems and breakdown during long-term working cycle. Problem like feed incorrectly may cause breakdown of whole production line. Today let us talk about some most common situations that may cause feed incorrectly and inaccuracy.

decoiler straightener feeder machine

1)     Mold Positioning Problems lower feeding accuracy

To ensure feeding accuracy, decoiler straightener feeder machine requires locating pin in stamping mold. If material running to side but not center feeding line, most possible case is that the locating pin is wrong. Reworking a new locating pin will solve this problem.

2)     Metal coil is defective one causing straightening error

Metal coil might be twisting or wrapping more or less, but it should be kept in a certain limitation. If metal sheet coil is badly twisting or wrapping too much, it is hard to keep material feeding correctly on the centerline. Change qualified metal coil will solve it.

3)     Position wheels cannot locate material center line

Position wheels’ adjusting should be variable according specific situation. Tension force between position wheels and material is determined by factors like material type, thickness, and width. All three parts on decoiler straightener feeder machine have position wheels: uncoiler/straightener/ feeder. Any of it may cause side running if tension force adjusts incorrectly. To solve this problem, we strongly recommend customers read operation manual carefully and follow HENLI engineers professional training instruction.

4)     Problems caused by decoiler straightener feeder machine quality problems

Quality defects of decoiler straightener feeder machine itself will also case problems. Common defects are coil shaft not cycle, chromed layer on rollers not equal, servo-system error, hydraulic and air presser system unsealed, etc. You can call suppliers’ after sales team support.

5)     Scraps on feeding mechanism makes feeding work wrong

Wastes on rollers, like metal scrapes, oxide chips, will cause material side running during straightening and feeding procedure. Regular maintain is important, transaction parts need to lubricate every 15 days. Cleaning wastes on gears and rollers regularly.

All machines manufactured by HENLI MACHINERY pass strictly testing and check before shipping. We have professional after sales team reads to solve customer’s problems any time. HENLI MACHINERY promises giving back response within 12 hours, and provide solutions within 24 hours. HENLI MACHINERY has more than 15 years’ experience in stamping automation field, customers spread around world. We can provide your closest application case for reference.