In order to meet the needs of different material widths, material thicknesses and different stamping step distances, the air feeder machine produced by Henli have produced many models, ranging from AF-1C to AF-12C. For production needs, many customers still choose the air feeder to cooperate with the punch press to carry out the automatic stamping production line.

Henli air feeders AF-1C to AF-7C are small machines, the standard accessories are 1 mounting plate [right-angle plate], 1 set of mounting screws, 1 set of three-point combination, 1 high-pressure air pipe, and 1 set of feeding rod , 5 sets of sealing rings.

Air feeders AF-8C to AF-12C are large machines, and the standard accessories are 1 standard floor stand, 1 set of feeding solenoid valve, 1 set of release solenoid valve, and 1 air storage tank.

The large air feeder is equipped with a floor stand due to the weight of the body (cannot be installed in the suspension), and is equipped with a feeding solenoid valve for a long stamping step and a relaxation solenoid valve for relaxation. But why add a gas storage tank, many customers can’t understand.

The reason why the large air feeder AF-8C to AF-12C needs to be equipped with an air storage tank is to supply air to the air feeder, so that the feeding accuracy of the feeder is more stable. In this way, the feeding accuracy of the air feeder will not be affected by changes in the air source pressure.

The operating principle of the Henli air feeder is similar to that of a piston injector, which uses the air source as the power to push the moving splint to clamp to realize the feeding action.The small air feeders AF-1C to AF-7C consume less air source during operation. Generally, the air source of the factory can be supplied stably, so there is no need for an air storage tank.

However, the large-scale air feeders AF-8C to AF-12C consume a large amount of air source during operation, and it is difficult for the air source of general factories to ensure a stable supply for a long time. Therefore, Henli large-scale air feeders AF-8C to AF-12C will be equipped with vertical air storage tanks to supply air to the machine to ensure stable and reliable feeding accuracy of the machine.