NC feeder and air feeder are widely applied to industrial automation production line, many customers know that these two machines are all automated feeders, but they are not very clear about their emphasis, today let me talk about what machine models and advantages and disadvantages do they have, we can choose NC feeder or air feeder according to customers’ factory actual situation. So that you can choose the appreciate feeder.

nc servo feeder vs air feeder machine

How Many Kinds Feeders Do the Two Models All Have

1/ NC Feeder mainly has mechanical feeder, pneumatic feeder, thick plate feeder, with cleaning function feeder, below is the differences between the four styles:

  • Mechanical feeder: mechanical relaxation method, which uses the hitting rod relaxation, this relaxation way is faster and easier to operate.
  • Pneumatic feeder: Pneumatic relaxation way, which uses cylinder action to control feeder relaxation, relaxation action is relatively slow, it can match with punch, shear machine, forming machine, laser cutting machine, and it has a wider range of applications.
  • Thick plate feeder: it mainly carries on the transportation to the thick plate material, to feeding the material, because the material is thick, it need to control through the cylinder, the auxiliary feeding.
  • With cleaning functional feeder: According to the actual situation and demand of the customer factory, to provide the feeder with various functions such as cleaning function etc. different functions for the customer.

02/ Air Feeder mainly has three machine types: standard type, zigzag type and strengthen type, below is the differences between the three styles:

  • Standard air feeder: This is a common type of air feeder, it is simple to install and it doesn’t need power supply, it is mainly used for punching feeding with low feeding accuracy.
  • Zigzag type air feeder: This feeder is a way of feeding materials with one sided zigzag and one sided feeding, it is suitable for processing various kinds of parts and components, it can save more than 1/2 of materials, and it has high feeding accuracy and it can shorten feeding time.
  • Strengthen type air feeder: This feeder is suitable for the automatic processing of thicker materials, with machine rack, gas storage tank and gas storage tank to store enough gas, and it has enough power, it can make the feeding more stable, the feeding accuracy higher, with machine rack, gas storage tank’s feeder is placed next to the punch, installation is more simple and convenient.

Advantages and Disadvantages of the Two Models

  • Advantages of NC feeder: my company Henli NC feeder adopts Japanese imported precision servo system, which has stable performance and high feeding accuracy; The electronic control box has touch screen and button double control mode, which is simple and convenient to operate; In addition, the feeder can carry out multi-step feeding, it can carry on 3-10 kinds of feeding steps to feed, so it can carry on feeding for different products, it mainly be used in automotive parts, household appliances hardware and other high precision requirements occasions.
  • Disadvantages: this kind of machine cost is high, price is a little expensive, and feeding speed cannot be too fast (servo system has response time)
  • Advantages of Air Feeder: Cheap price, affordable, it can be equipped with E-type and R-type solenoid valves, this configuration will make the feeding more stable, faster feeding speed, simple structure, light weight, it mainly applied to low precision occasions.
  • Disadvantages: Feeding speed is not very fast, because of the long working time, its O-ring is easy to be wear out, there will be air leakage phenomenon, so the accuracy is not high, the failure rate is relatively high, and it need to be maintained diligently.
  • When we know the things above, we also know how to choose air feeder or NC feeder, if you want to punch precise parts on the factory site, the feeding accuracy is high, then you should choose NC feeder, this feeder is also suitable for multi-step feeding and it can carry on a variety of product’s feeding, if you don’t need to have high feeding accuracy and you only stamping single product, only a feeding step, then you can choose the air feeder, in addition, the air feeder is cheaper than NC feeder.