When the uncoiler is used for rewinding, it is used as the automatic rewinding of the processed continuous strip. Commonly used models include hydraulic uncoiler, light uncoiler, double-head uncoiler, etc. Of course, there are also tensioning rewinders and terminal rewinders that need to be matched with professional finished product rewinding.


When the uncoiler is used for rewinding, the reasons for the uneven rewinding mainly include the following, and it is enough to eliminate the problems one by one.

1. The center line of the uncoiler and the front processing machine are not on the same line, resulting in uneven winding

Treatment method: When the winding of the uncoiler is uneven, first check whether the center line of the uncoiler is consistent with that of the front machine. If it is inconsistent, it needs to be adjusted immediately.

2. The stopper limit device of the uncoiler is not reliably limited, resulting in uneven winding.

Treatment method: Adjust the stopper limit device (usually the position of the stopper A-type iron) so that it can effectively limit the winding material.

3. When the material head is not adjusted properly, it starts to rewind, resulting in uneven rewinding.

Treatment method: When the uncoiler is used, it should be ensured that the manual winding is 5-6 circles in the early stage to ensure that the material head is wound neatly.

4. The thickness of the winding material is uneven, one side is thick and the other is thin, and the winding speed is different

Treatment method:
1. If the rewinding is waste, the flatness of the rewinding is usually not high, and the rewinding speed can be appropriately adjusted to ensure that the rewinding is tightened.
2. If the winding is finished, a tensioning device needs to be installed. The tensioner is used to maintain constant tension on the uncoiler, which ensures that the uneven thickness of the material is also neatly collected.


The reasons and solutions for the uneven winding of the uncoiler are mainly the four points mentioned above. Of course, you can also contact henli directly, and we will help you solve it immediately.