When the air feeder machine leaks, it will generally lead to inaccurate feeding. How can we solve this problem?

First, enter the air first to see what is the problem. There is no air leakage at the lever, so there is air leakage at the intake joint.

Test what else is abnormal, and find that the response of the pressure plate is a bit slow,and remove the pressure plate from here.

The platen has become very smooth,So the material slips and the feeding is inaccurate.

The entire pressure plate needs to be ground off by 0.5mm.

Replace the seals of the movable pistons on both sides,replace with a new seal,where there is a sealing ring, put more industrial butter.

At last,put the spring in place and reinstall the pressure plate.

Remove the leak fitting.

Rewind the white tape.

Again Air intake test.

Repair completed.

Next, is the display of the video, which shows the entire repair process.
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