The heavy straightener machine is one of the leveling machine. It is design for the thick metal plate. It is also a kind of precision leveling machine. The main function is to eliminate the internal stress of the stamping material, by leveling to make the material meet the production requirements of the equipment. Nowadays, the manufacturer makes different models for customers, such as thin and thick plates, two-in-one and the feeder. Customers have more choices when they buy. So what knowledge do customers need to know when they buy?

BTL Leveler Straightener

Steel roll Heavy straightener machines is equipped with air pressure cylinder. The cylinder is used to handle the edge conditions for high strength or thick plate metal.

  1. Knowing the operation principle of different types of precision leveling machines. However, all the leveling and correcting equipments are similar, mainly by the double-row leveling roller misalignment and pressing mode to achieve the material leveling requirements. Therefore, the diameter of the leveling roller is smaller, the smaller the diameter of the leveling roller is, the thinner the leveling material is, and the more the leveling roller is, the higher the leveling precision is.
  2. Before buying the heavy straightener machine, first should understand the shape and characteristics of your material, such as coil or sheet, and the knowledge of the thickness, yield, hardness, etc. Then you can buy the corresponding heavy straightener machine.
  3. Familiar with the production process requirements, determine the precision and production speed requirements of the purchased thick plate precision leveling machine, because the equipment needs to meet the stamping process requirements, in order to meet the production, a part of the stamping process is not required to level the material of the leveling machine. It is required to press the material up and down a certain degree of curvature in order to cooperate with the subsequent mold production process.

After knowing these simple knowledge about purchasing heavy precision straightener machine. The customer has to find a really powerful manufacturer. It is best to bring the material of the customer to the test machine, so that the model can be fully guaranteed. To meet the production requirements, HENLI is a well-known manufacturer of domestic punching equipment, decoiler, feeders, leveling machine and three-in-one feeders. The main factory is in Tangxia, Dongguan. Welcome customers to bring materials to the workshop for testing and inspection.