The NC servo feeder adopts the servo motor to directly drive the feeding roller to achieve precise feeding, which is easy to operate and has good precision, and has been widely used in the stamping industry. More and more customers who use the stamping production line for the first time also choose this machine as the equipment matching for press punching line.

nc servo feeder

However, many customers who use NC servo feeders for the first time will still have some failures due to improper operation settings and poor maintenance.
Today, Henli will analyze a failure case of “the reason why the nc servo feeder does not feed or the reason why it suddenly does not feed”.

Failure performance: “The NC servo feeder is manually controlled to feed normally. When switching to automatic feeding, press the start button to feed only once, and then no longer feed.”

Fault causes and solutions:

1. The feeding times set by the nc servo feeder reaches the set value.
Treatment method: Check whether the feeding count in the touch screen of the nc servo feeder reaches the set number. If it has reached it, it can be solved by resetting the set value to zero.

2. The nc servo feeder is equipped with multiple feeding functions.
Treatment method: Most customers do not need to use multiple feedings for stamping production, but many new customers have set this item by mistake, resulting in no feeding, just delete other feeding steps and times.

3. The external cam signal line is off or there is a problem with the cam signal.
Treatment method: Check whether the wiring of the cam signal line is stable, and it can be connected well.

Fault summary description:
Most of the sudden failure of feeding by the NC servo feeder is caused by the improper setting of the touch screen by the operator, which can be solved by simple debugging. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact henli.

nc servo feeder