Why we choose Zig Zag NC Servo Feeder , what is the benefit ?

Of course , everyone searching for Zig Zag type knows by this way it can improve the material utilization .

(Click here for Zig Zag NC Feeder Specification)

Normally when we saw lots of circle blanking , we can feel it save material by sence . But hard to tell how it improve the utilization ratio .

Seems not too difficult to calculate for square shapes blanking . What about the round shape ?

Here we will show how is the material utilization for circle blanking .

In this picture , a1 is the distance between the circles . a is the distance from the edge . d is the diameter of the circle . So the width b  is:

If a1= a , then b=2.237d + 3.723a

According to the picture , material utilization η getting smaller when a1/d increasing , getting bigger when lines n increasing .

Circles have n lines , the formula for width b and material utilization η :

( F= Circular area  ,   h=Feeding Length )