The feeder is a machine that uses the force of the machine motion to force the material to transport the material. The feeder is an indispensable equipment for the light industry and heavy industry.


The practical application of the feeder shows that the selection of a reasonable AC servo system can meet the requirements of fast response speed and high speed precision of the control system. The actual application position control accuracy is up to ±0.1mm and the cumulative error can be avoided. The control system can be applied to the production of high-precision open series cold-formed steel products, especially products similar to the shelf column, that is, the cold-bending forming production line for the online pre-punching of the cold-formed steel vertical and the side with high precision requirements for the hole position. on.
The AC servo system can achieve high position control accuracy on the shelf cold forming production line; and the online pre-punching mode and the hydraulic stop mode can be used independently, such as the online pre-punching mode in the production process of the shelf beam.


New clip feeder, NC (CNC) roller feeder, three-in-one feeder, air automatic feeder, gear replacement feeder… NC servo roller feeder features:

Stage Feeder: It can input 20 sets of different feed lengths, each set provides 999 times of punching, which can meet the processing and production of special products (optional).
User-friendly manual mode: Enter the appropriate 3-stage manual speed to make it easier for the user to operate and accurately position the material into the mold.
Efficient relaxation device: Quickly set the angle of relaxation with the cam signal of the punch and the simple material thickness adjustment.
Feed length setting: On the control panel, directly input the feed length to achieve the required feed distance.
Feeding mechanism: The roller adopts hollow type, light weight, small rotary inertia, surface hardness HRC60° hard chrome plating, wear resistance and long service life.

Material type of feeder

  1. Sheet feeder: There are robot, sheet servo feeder, air sheet feeder, automatic take-up feeder. It is not necessary to use the coil material as the raw material, and it can be used for continuous stamping and blanking operations with single die, composite die and progressive die. The working efficiency is 2 to 10 times of manual and no one is negligent. The sheet feeder developed by our company has strong versatility, wide application, suitable size and thickness. A feeder can be easily installed on any punching machine. It is very convenient to install and debug. It can be adapted to small batches and multiple specifications of automatic production, and can be adapted to medium and large batches of automated production.
  2. Strip feeding machine: automatic feeding feeder, automatic feeding feeder, automatic feeding feeder, automatic feeding feeder. The strip feeder is tailored to the customer’s machine and materials. The stack of materials is stacked on the rack, automatically transported by the robot, and automatically fed and stamped. If there is too much oil between the materials, the two pieces of material stick together and are handled by the customer. The manipulator is installed on both sides of the machine tool mold, and the mold opening distance needs to be greater than 300mm. Suitable for automatic material cutting and stretching of large board materials. The product needs to automatically fall under the mold.
  3. Coil feeder: There are servo feeder, three-in-one feeder, air feeder, high-speed roller feeder, left and right swing feeder, servo yaw feeder, leveling feeder, left and right shift feeder. The coil feeder is suitable for continuous production of coil material, and a kind of feeder for continuous feeding, which can produce continuous coil feeders: air feeder, high speed roller feeder, servo feeder, swing feeder.
  1. High-speed roller feeder: The roller feeder is the most widely used feeding device at present. The principle is to connect the output shaft of the punching rod through the connecting rod, and the punching press drives the operation. The feeder is adjusted by adjusting the yaw amplitude of the eccentric disk. Feed length. Advantages of high-speed roller feeder: high feeding accuracy, high speed, no additional energy supply, and extremely low failure rate. Disadvantages of high-speed roller feeder: Due to the limited eccentricity of the eccentric disk, the maximum feeding length can only reach 300mm, and the feeding step adjustment is inconvenient. The punching machine needs the output shaft to be installed.
  2. Air feeder: Air feeder is the earliest feeding equipment used in the stamping industry. Its principle is to use the air source as the power, clamp the material through the cylinder, feed the cylinder by the telescopic stroke, and adjust the feeding length through the cylinder. The length of the trip is controlled. Air feeder advantages: easy to operate, easy to install, affordable, and can achieve automatic stamping feeding equipment at the lowest price. In actual production, it is mainly used for feeding of stamping products with low precision and fast speed. Disadvantages of air feeder: easy to damage materials, O-ring wear has an impact on feeding accuracy.

The plate thickness adjustment only needs to be rotated according to the thickness of the material. The adjustment of the relaxation device only needs to be rotated and scored according to the position of the guide tip in the mold. The feed length is adjusted by the eccentricity of the crankshaft (or by the block gauge method). When the upper pressure plate is a pneumatic (pressure adjustable) insert material, the upper and lower pressure plates are operated by the air pressure-air pressure valve manual switch to open and close. The lubrication system adopts the automatic circulation oil supply system. For the transmission gear, the fixed seat transmission device and other bearing parts are mandatory circulating oil immersion, which reduces the wear of each component and prolongs its life and can work under high temperature for a long time.

NC numerical control roller feeder features:

  1. It is suitable for feeding materials with different thickness and length;
    2. Suitable for high speed and long size feeding, improving production capacity and feeding accuracy;
    3. Simple operation panel, with the numeric code of the button for feeding length and feeding speed, the operator can set it arbitrarily, quickly and surely, the feeding length can be from 0.1mm to 9999.99mm;
    4. It adopts pneumatic relaxation (accurate positioning), long service life and zero failure.
    5. It can be changed into mechanical relaxation according to customer requirements.


High speed roller feeder features:

  1. Suitable for continuous processing and production.
    2. High speed. (up to 600 times per minute)
    3. Simple structure, economical and practical, low failure rate and easy maintenance
    4. The service life is at least 5-10 years
    5. Working principle and effect Mechanical transmission, smooth and low noise
    6. Feeding accuracy: It varies according to the number of revolutions and the length of the feed. Generally, the accuracy is 0.05mm.
    If the guide pin is used for positioning, the accuracy of ±0.01mm can be obtained.
    Model: RF-105NS to RF-3030NS (maximum feed length 300mm)Air feeder characteristics
    1. Standard feeding length (width) 0-450mm, feeding thickness 0.1-3.2mm; Available material types: metal, paper tape, plastic; can send material shape: round, triangle, protrusion.
  2. E type solenoid valve
    Suitable for situations where the stroke is too short or too long to feed.
    R type relaxation solenoid valve E-type relaxation solenoid valve Suitable for feeding on the punching machine under the short stroke and long distance feeding, and high-precision feeding, the electromagnetic valve can be used to loosen the fixed clamping plate to correct the error.
    4. New powerful type Suitable for automated processing of thicker materials.

Basic Features

  1. The feeding machine has flexible layout and wide adaptability, and can transport a variety of materials;
    2. Fast conveying speed, long conveying distance, large conveying capacity and low energy consumption;
  2. Simple structure and light weight.
  3. Feeder can be continuously transported, work smoothly, without damaging the conveyed materials; easy to operate, safe and reliable, easy maintenance and repair, low maintenance and management costsuseThe feeder is specially designed for the transportation of pellets, powders, flakes, strips and other products. It is widely used in various industries. In today’s society, more and more manufacturers use mechanized transportation. This method will become a necessity instead of human labor. It has high precision, saves time and labor, and greatly reduces labor intensity, reduces labor costs and saves human resources. Really achieved low cost and high return. In the era of rapid development, this kind of automation products will be favored and favored by more and more manufacturers.