The common stamping production line is mainly composed of three parts: decoiler, straightener and feeder, each machine plays a different role and doesn’t correlate with each other, each machine reserves buffer space in the middle area, the 3 in 1 feeder is totally different, and it also has a decoiler, a straightener and a feeder. However, the structure of the 3 in 1 feeder integrates three equipment on one machine, at present, the 3 in 1 feeder production line has become the trend of stamping industry, and so what is the difference between the two kinds of stamping production line delivery mode? Let’s have a look.

1. 3 in 1 feeder with different feeder structure saves more space.

After the 3 in 1 feeder integrates the functions of decoiling, straightening and feeding, no matter what kin

production lines fully equips 3 in 1 feeder machine

d of material needs to be reserved, the space occupied by the 3 in 1 feeder is the size of the machine itself, usually 4-5 meters;
In the general split stamping automation production line, the waiting area must be reserved between the decoiler, straightener and feeder, the thicker the material is, the longer the feeding step is, and the larger the waiting material space is, especially in the thick plate stamping, the waiting area between the decoiler and leveler, leveler and feeder is about 3 meters waiting material area, it can make the whole production line occupy a large space.

2. Different methods of operation

the operation of the 3 in 1 feeder can be simply completed by touch screen and handle, and the feeding, pressing, supporting, guiding material, folding, leveling and feeding functions can be realized automatically, the operation is very simple;
Split type stamping automation production line needs independent feeding, guiding, shielding, operation and testing of three kind machines, which belongs to completely separate operation, and the operation is relatively tedious.

3. Operation, production and commissioning methods are different

cut to length line

production line equips split type decoiler straightener feeder

the short-process stamping production line of the 3 in 1 feeder is very simple to use, it only needs to be connected to the power supply, and can be debugged by point-control operation on the touch screen, which can cooperate with the punch to test machine.
the automatic production line of split stamping requires manual feeding, feeding and debugging of three kinds of machine tools: decoiler, leveler and feeder, the use of the production line is very tedious and requires a lot of manpower and material resources, especially when using wide plate and heavy material coil, the simple guiding material and feeding process need many people to assist traction, and often need to use crowbar to assist, which is not only easy to injure people, but also easy to cause machine damage.
What’s more, the 3 in 1 feeder machine has higher compatibility than the split feeder, and its precision is higher, it can meet your requirement well.
From the above points, we can see that the 3 in 1 feeder stamping production line has more advantages than the traditional split type feeder line, regardless of the structure, operation, efficiency, cost and other factors, the 3 in 1 feeder completely replaces the traditional mode, which is also the reason why more and more enterprises in stamping industry choose the 3 in 1 feeder, if you need this 3 in 1 feeder, welcome you to consult me anytime, thanks.