It is no doubt that NCHL 3 in 1 feeder machine become the hot sales for a long time, the feeding speed and accuracy is the importance factor. Today, we are talking about the best feeding accuracy of the NCHL 3 in 1 feeder machine.

The 3 in 1 servo feeder composition:

3 in 1 structure, composition from automatic decoiler, auto material leveler machine, CNC feeder machine, cutting machine,ect, which can realize the coil open, feeding accuracy, shearing material, suitable use in common cutting machine connect the continue shear、feeding. Fully automatic control, loading material, feeding, stop material, leveler, change material, all can be operation by one person, save the factory space and increase the working efficient, greatly reduce the worker cost.

The speed of 3 in 1 servo feeder machine: the accuracy can be reach ±0.01mm under the guide pin, feeding speed also can reach 30m/min when install the reverse device. This type of feeder machine was become the hot sales production because of the higher feeding accuracy, faster speed, no need other complicate supply and lower mistake rate.

What is the best feeding accuracy of NCHL 3 in 1 machine can be reach?

Let’s me explain to you.

1.Electric part it is controlled by YASKAWA import servo motor, some parameter can be adjustable freely like human machine interface operation, feeding length and speed. The feeding length is between 1.0mm-9999.99mm, and cooperation with different mold and feeding at the same time. It can put 20 sets different length, and offer 999 pressing times for each set, teaching screen is adopting intelligent setting interface.

2.Machine part: straightener with feeder in the same part, greatly reduce the space and feeding directly.

Processing part:

1) The roller material is 40Cr. Other processing part:Using solid 40 Chrome, the processing should be: Lathe processing → tempering → Multitrack lathe finishing → grinding → hard chrome plating → grinding; the surface hard need to over HRC55. the hard chrome plating thickness is 0.08mm.

2) Machine board is adopting CNC process, keeping at the same level of both size, it is very strict quality control system.

3) Gear: All of them will use high frequency quenching –20CrMnTi,grind gear part of the wheel, must be reach 6 degree precision standard, and with button lubrication device, which can ensure the feeding accuracy, using life.

No matter the machine or electric part is the critical factor for feeding accuracy, our NCHL feeder machine can be reach the accuracy to 0.02mm, stable performance.

What is the best feeding accuracy of NCHL 3 in 1 machine can be reach? The answer is clearly now, understand the international standard, our production always higher than the standard. If you have time to come to China, please visit our factory. We have many free course to training the NCHL 3 in 1 feeder machine.