When the customer was selecting to purchase feeder equipment, our Henli machinery salesman will ask in detail about the material, width and thickness range used by customers, Brand, feeding speed, feeding accuracy etc. other requirements of matching machine table (usually punch or cutting machine) ,another point is to ask what the feeding step is?

It is easy for customers to understand how to match different feeder machines according to different material properties. However, for the concept of feeding step, many customers who purchase feeder for the first time usually do not understand what it refers to, why we need to know it, but once you ignore it, you will often appear problems in the model selection, so I come to introduce the feeding step here.

After installing work, engineer is testing a new NC servo feeder. The servo feeder will works with progressive die.

2)1) Definition of Feeding Step

The feeding step is the fixed distance that the plate needs to move forward for each feeding in the processing production, that is,the length of material conveyed to the processing equipment in a single time,it is determined by the large contour size of the processing parts and the lap width between two adjacent work pieces, and it is obtained by calculating the processing technology, and the feeding step is determined by determining the processing technology.

2) Influence of Feeding Step

As for how the feeding step affects the model selection of feeder, we can get the answer from the following two aspects:

  1. Maximum feeding step

We all know that feeder can be divided into air feeder, roller feeder and NC feeder the several model feeder, the manufacturers who have compared their parameters all know that they not only differ greatly in price, but also different in the maximum feeding step that each feeder can achieve.

We know that a set of processing machine table (punch, cutting machine) can’t only use one processing technology, it usually use a variety of processing technology to produce a variety of products, at this time, there will be a variety of feeding steps, and when selecting and distributing the feeder, the maximum feeding step is needed. Only by knowing the maximum feeding step, can we really select the appropriate and accurate feeding machine, to ensure that the minimum investment can meet the needs of various processing technologies.

Progressive mold punching is a high efficiency stamping punch.

  1. Feeding speed of feeder

This happens less often. it’s such a situation: assuming that a punch or other equipment is blanked N times per minute (in the punch press we call it punch time SPM), we want its feeding step to reach A, but no matter how we adjust it, it cannot reach the length of A. the radical reason for this is that the feeding speed of feeder is too low. The feeder is unable to complete the feeding task in the interval time of each blanking, How to prevent this from happening?

We can use the inverse method, we can read the maximum punch times N from the punch nameplate, at the same time, we can get the feeding speed V of the feeder by multiplying the feeding step A of the maximum punch times knowing by the craftsman, and multiplying the safety factor. According to V value, we can be determined whether the feeder can meet the feeding requirements.

(If the required feeding speed exceeds the standard range, our company can also customize it)

3) Advantage of NC Feeder in Feeding Step

If the customer punches the material width to be very big (at this time only NC servo feeder and 3 in 1 feeder are optional) or decides to use NC servo feeder at the beginning (operation, performance advantages), the feeding step factor may also not be considered. Because NC servo feeder (3 in 1 feeder) feeding step can reach up to 9999.99 mm (at the same time can set any value in this range).there is no such long feeding step in stamping and cutting processing, so the factor of feeding step need not be considered in actual purchase.

If you have any questions in the actual purchase and use of maintenance, please feel free to contact us, we will answer all kinds of difficult questions for you and provide you with high quality and complete service, to help you achieve efficient and stable stamping production.

UL600 is uncoiler and straightener machine and NC600 is the servo feeder machine. 600 means maximum coil sheet width is 600mm.