In manufacturing industry , metal sheet material being utilized to make various kinds of products . The size of sheet are pending due to different use . The modern production require efficiency , is there any machines can make various sizes metal sheets ? Purchasing many production lines just for size differences seems impossible for most of factories .

We know there are metal material coils with different widths . But for one coil , the width is constant . So if we apply machines which can adjust the frequency to cut the coil , then it will come out sheets with a specified length . Meanwhile , the machines have a range for coil width and thickness . The coil in this range can be cut to length by these machines . Now we can make various sizes sheets by this cut to length line .

What are the machines in cut to length line ?

The first step , we need handle equipment to load and unwind the metal coil . A crane , a fork lift or a coil car / tray can be use to carry the coil to load it to the de-coiler machine . Suggest to use coil car , as it can move in-out , up-down smoothly and control easily . Must consider decoiler’s specification , the range of coil weight , width , inner-diameter and outer-diameter . It is not safety to load a coil which is too heavy and out of the decoiler’s capacity . So need to check what is the max weight and size when purchasing a decoiler .

The material after unwind still is curve . So the next step , the leveler/straightener machine will help to flatten the material . Then the feeder machine help the material progress to the cutting machine . Suggest to use NC Servo Feeder , it is convenient to set the speed and more accurate . Cutting machine , can call it cutter , some call it guillotine , it finish the sheets . Of course , some will adopt die cut to instead of cutting machine .

So normally the cut to length line is include : Decoiler/Uncoiler + Leveler + Feeder + Cutter

All the machines have a range of coil width and thickness , need to choose the right type according to the production plan . Better inquiry to the supplier before decision . Welcome to visit Henli Machinery for solution .