The decoiler can also be called an decoiler, which is a general term for a type of equipment used to carry coils and realize automatic uncoiling.

Henli’s decoiler are mainly used with punching press, shearing machines, laser cutting machines, and cold bending forming machines to realize the automatic production of coil materials.

What types of decoiler are there?

There are five types of decoiler: heavy-duty decoiler, hydraulic heavy-duty decoiler, light-duty decoiler, disc plate decoiler, and double-head decoiler.

What does the decoiler look like?

  1. Heavy duty decoiler

Henli’s heavy-duty decoilers are commonly used decoiler models with a wide variety of models and a high degree of customization.

The heavy-duty decoiler can be used for both unwinding and winding.

  1. Hydraulic heavy duty decoiler

Henli’s hydraulic heavy duty decoiler is a large and heavy duty material reel carrying equipment, usually carrying coil material over 2 tons.

  1. Light duty decoiler

The Henli light duty decoiler is mainly used for the unwinding of light and thin plate materials. There are only two models of CR-100 and CR-200. There are relatively few types of models. Of course, it can also be used for receiving materials. Mainly collect waste-material after punching.

  1. Disc plate decoiler

Henli’s disc plate decoiler, also called as flat electronic feeder, is a horizontal uncoiling equipment, mainly used for uncoiling thin coil material and narrow coil materials.

  1. Double head decoiler

The Henli’s double-head decoiler has two expansion and contraction reels. When one reel is working, the other reel can be loaded new material stand by, so that a roll of material can be quickly changed after use.

At present, it is mainly used in combination with high-speed  S-type straightening machine, high-speed gear feeder and high-speed punching machine, and motor stator and rotor stamping .