At present, there are many types, brands and prices of decoilers in the stamping market. Under this situation, what factors should stamping customers consider when purchasing an decoiler?

First, determine the type of decoiler you need. There are five types of decoilers. In this article, you can learn about the division of the five specific categories.

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Before purchasing, stamping customers need to find out the width, thickness, inner diameter, outer diameter, weight and production line speed of their stamping materials, and then select the required optional devices according to their needs.

Second, it depends on the brand of the decoiler. The stamping automation industry is now a relatively mature industry, and mature industries are marked with mature brands, and their equipment is stable and efficient. Therefore, customers must choose big brands and big manufacturers in the choice of decoiler, for example, choose our Henli.

Third, it depends on the price of the decoiler. Reducing management costs and giving back to customers’ trust and support are the goals that Henli has always adhered to. While ensuring the quality of the decoiler, Henli always ensures preferential and satisfactory quotations to customers, so that customers can buy a good decoiler at an affordable price.

As a professional decoiler manufacturer, Henli can not only provide various standard decoilers for stamping customers, but also customize various models according to customer needs. These customized models are not limited to the increase of load, the change of outer diameter and inner diameter, frequency conversion control, etc., but are professionally designed and customized according to the needs of customers, so that the efficiency of customers’ stamping production can be truly maximized.