Heavy-duty Uncoiler Machine, also known as heavy-duty Decoiler Machine, is an unwinding and unwinding equipment with power press punching machine, roll forming machine, shearing machine, hydraulic press punching machine, laser cutting machine, etc.;

  1. Inverter :as frequency converter speed control device. The installation of the inverter enables the speed of the decoiler to be freely adjusted according to the demand, increases the stability of the unwinding, makes the material strip discharge more stable, and reduces vibration.

2.Cylinder pressing arm device.

The main function of the cylinder pressing arm device is to press the outer ring of the coil to avoid the  material from spreading suddenly when the coil is uncoiled. Usually, when the material thickness is greater than 2.0mm, it will be recommended for customers to install it.

  1. Adjustment of inner diameter and outer diameter.

The applicable coil material for the heavy-duty material rack is made according to the inner diameter of the national standard material coil of ¢508mm and the large outer diameter of ¢1200mm. If the material specification is not within this range, it can be customized according to customer needs.

  1. Adjustment of load capacity. Each type of heavy-duty decoiler has an applicable maximum standard load capacity. If customer’s actual weight of a roll of material exceeds standard load capacity,

The decoiler can be customized according to customer needs (the motor, spindle, and pallets are enlarged).

  1. Hydraulic expansion device. Hydraulic expansion device, also known as oil expansion device.

It is mainly installed on the heavy duty decoiler to replace the manual expansion device  to ensure that the heavy material coil can be fully tightened, and at the same time reduce the labor intensity of manual expansion. Usually optional when the roll weight exceeds 2T.

  1. Hydraulic loading coil cart. The main function of the hydraulic feeding coil car is to automatically feed the coil material to the main shaft of the heavy duty decoiler, which makes it more convenient and time-saving to replace the coil material.

Reduce the work intensity when manually loading the material, avoid the personal safety hazards caused by the carelessness when manually loading the material, and the damage caused by the collision between the material and the machine.

Usually, it is optional when the weight of the roll is over 3T and the coil material width is large.

  1. Photoelectric induction device or proximity switch induction device.

Photoelectric sensing devices or proximity switch sensing devices are used to replace standard contact sensing rods (racks) for unwinding non-conductive or film-coated materials.