The uncoiler is favored by more and more customers because of its high stability and low failure rate. Of course, no matter how good the uncoiler is in use, attention should also be paid to the maintenance of the machine. Once there is a lack of maintenance, failures will inevitably occur. If the fault cannot be solved, the uncoiler cannot be used normally, which will directly affect the processing and production of the entire automated production line.

The common failure of the uncoiler is that it cannot start automatically when changing other materials for uncoiler. At this time, there are generally five reasons, and once they are encountered, they can be solved by eliminating them one by one.

1. The delayed start time of the time relay in the electric control box on the side of the uncoiler is too long, resulting in failure to start normally. Different materials have different thicknesses, different stamping processing speeds, and different time relay adjustment delay start times, so they need to be corrected according to actual processing and production needs.

2. The line connecting the induction rod of the uncoiler is out of material or has poor contact, resulting in the failure to start normally. Check the line connecting the induction rod, and then it can be solved.

3. The transformer, AC contactor, time relay and intermediate relay in the electric control box on the side of the uncoiler are damaged, resulting in failure to start normally. It is necessary for electrical engineers to check the electrical components in the control box of the uncoiler to see if there is any damage, and if so, replace it.

4. The motor drive belt in the uncoiler box falls off, or the shaft pin card connecting the motor and the reducer falls off, resulting in the inability to drive. After cutting off the power connection line of the uncoiler, remove the four screws on the back, and check the transmission belt and shaft pin card.

5. The motor inside the uncoiler box is damaged, resulting in inability to run. The possibility of this failure is low. After the above four items are eliminated, this inspection is carried out.

When the uncoiler fails to start, you can also contact us directly and we will help you solve the problem.
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