When the press feed line is running, there are generally four abnormal situations that need attention.

1. Abnormal situation of punching die
The mold is responsible for the main function of processing and forming the workpiece, and it is the concentrated release part of the energy of the entire system. Due to the unreasonable or defective mold design, the safety of the operator during use is not considered. When operating, the hand must be directly inserted into the mold to complete the work, thus increasing the possibility of injury.

2. The control buttons of the press feed line are invalid
The switch control system of the press feed line fails due to human or external factors.

3. Foreign objects fly in during the production of the press feed line
The press feed line will also be subjected to strong shock and vibration during operation, which will deform, wear and even break some parts, causing the equipment to run out of control and cause dangerous accidents.

4. Press feed line performance factors
Part of the stamping equipment of the press feed line adopts a rigid clutch, which uses a cam mechanism to engage or disengage the clutch. Once the press feed line is engaged and running, it must complete a full ring before it stops.

The above is the abnormal situation that we need to pay attention to when the press feed line is running. I hope the above information will be helpful to everyone.