In the past, our shearing machine mainly relied on manual feeding when cutting various materials. Before the cutting process was put into the cutting edge, the adjustment and operation of the cutting size were mostly by manual drawing and alignment. All need to be manually re-adjusted once. In this way, the work efficiency is low, the time is wasted, and the manual line drawing and adjustment error are large, especially in the case that the processing size needs to be changed frequently and the number of times of material feeding is large, this problem is especially terrible.

Although there are also fixed-length gauge devices designed for the shearing machine on the market, it is used to solve such problems, that is, the handle screw is rotated by the handle, thereby driving the slider and the connected baffle plate to move, and the position of the baffle is adjusted. . However, the mechanical strength is small, the damage is easy, the dimensional accuracy is low, the adjustment distance is short, the degree of automation is not high, and the use is not convenient enough.

2) [Improved] NC Feeder + Shearing Machine

The use of the NC servo feeder with the shearing machine to complete the cutting process perfectly solves this problem. In use, simply input the setting data on the NC servo feeder touch screen, the servo motor can be precisely controlled by the servo motor to precisely control the feeding length and ensure the accuracy of the cutting size. When the NC numerical control feeder is used together with the shearing machine, the sheet can be sent to the shearing machine for shearing when the sheet meets the shearing size. The working efficiency is high, the sheet utilization rate is high, and the shearing operation is safe. It is prone to injury and low labor costs. By inputting the cut size into the PLC control system, the change can be automatically adjusted as required (cycle setting), ensuring the dimensional accuracy of each cut. At the same time, by inputting different sizes of cut sizes (segment number setting), it is possible to complete the cutting of materials of different lengths in one operation, which greatly improves the working efficiency.

NC feeder with shearing machine workflow: the metal sheet to be cut is introduced into the feeder through the pallet, and the size of the sheet to be cut is set on the touch screen of the NC roll feeder, and setting according to the sequential cutting order. . Clicking on the automatic, at this time, the PLC control system controls the servomotor to work, and the feed roller rotates by the synchronous pulley drive, and the metal plate will move toward the shearing machine. When the metal plate moves below the shearer scissors, the feeding roller stops running. When the scissors are lowered, the uneven head is flattened. After the scissors cuts off the head, the PLC controls the feeding roller to rotate again. When the required feeding length is reached, the feeding servo motor stops working and the shearing machine cuts. After the shearing is completed, the PLC control system will send out the control signal again when the scissors are reset. The servo motor works and repeats the above process until the number of times of cutting or the material of the tailings cannot meet the cutting size requirement.

3) [Effects and verification]

Through the above improvements, the original complicated operation process is simplified into an automatic operation, which not only reduces the operator’s requirements, improves the cutting precision, but also greatly improves the efficiency, and the improved solution has been well received by the workshop.

Above is designed for the customer’s MT-1000 heavy-duty decoiler machine, NC-1000 servo feeder, and the shearing machine that was repurchased to our company (because the previous shearing machine was badly damaged, they purchased it from us)

shearing machine and NC servo feeder

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