The uncoiler puts the coil material on the expansion-shrinking reel and tightens it, and the motor-driven reducer drives the expansion-shrinking reel to rotate. Use the contact friction force between the expansion and contraction reel and the coil material to drive the coil material to rotate, so as to achieve the purpose of uncoiling.

At the beginning of production, the uncoiler is briefly activated by manual operation to release a certain length of material from the coil. Then use manual traction to draw the released material through various processing equipment, such as coil leveling machine, coil feeder machine,press punching machine, etc. After that, the uncoiler is turned on, and its start and stop are automatically controlled by the induction frame, so that fully automatic processing and production can be realized.

However, not all coil materials are conductive materials, and many customers produce and process raw materials that are non-conductive, such as silicon steel sheets, film materials, and some non-metallic materials. At this time, if the induction frame is still used to control during processing and production, the intermediate relay and time relay in the uncoiler electrical box will not jump, so the stop of the uncoiler cannot be controlled. In this way, the material coil will be unloaded all the time, and automatic uncoiling cannot be realized.

At this time, it is necessary to use a light-controlled uncoiler, and use a through-beam photoelectric switch to replace the traditional contact sensor frame control method. During use, when the material uncoils and sags to a certain extent to block the photoelectricity, it will be automatically controlled to stop. Then continue to use, when the material rises, it will automatically start and uncoil. The advantage of the light control type is that it can be controlled sensitively without touching the material, which eliminates the problem of material scratches, and fundamentally realizes the automatic uncoiling and recoiling of non-conductive materials.

In addition, the light-controlled uncoiler is generally used on the 3 in 1 press feed line, which can realize automatic and precise control of this production line.

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