We got an urgent call from an old friend: they stuck into a tough situation. One of their most important customers has an order that must be finished this week, and the product has a critical standard to surface quality. The delivery date is almost there, but products from production line is almost all defective. Every product has more or less scratches on surface. They have no idea what to do and call me for help.

Urgent upgrade of uncoiler straightener machine

1)     Problem is extra coil material damaged coil sheet surface

We arranged engineer immediately to customer’s factory. After a detail checking point by point. Engineer found that problem is on the 2 in 1 uncoiler straightener machine. The uncoiler straightener machine is an old-style one. Customer’s material is high gauge thick plate aluminum, coil sheet is totally into a mass when recoiling. All scratch is happed before stamping procedure.

You may know that, metal coil is always uncoiling properly when material is thin or low strength. But situation may be badly when coil sheet is high gauge or thick. Tension stress will increase with material thickness, when stress within coil sheet is big enough, uncoiling action may be out of control. Coil sheet will wind faster than machine speed, then some extra coil rolls that have not been fetch away by straighter or feeder machine, will stuck on the coil shaft. When more and more extra coil rolls stay, material begin to be damaged if any shock or pulling happens. That is the problem.

2)     We send after-sales engineer to help customer solving problem

According to customer’s production line conditions, the best solution is adding a set holding arm. Holding arm can hold coil rolls tightly, which effectively prevent uncoiling speed on coil is faster than production line speed. Then there will be no more extra coil rolls stay on coil shaft.

Today our after-sales engineer come to customer plant. It is a hot day, temperature indoor reaches 35 centigrade. Our engineer start to work when arrive, sweat wetted his cloth. To ensure customer production can start work afternoon, our engineer keep working 2 hours without break. Finally our after-sales engineer manage to solve the problem on time.

Our customer is so grateful for engineer’s hard work. Their production line start to work immediately.

Here we strongly advise customers that query your supplier carefully before purchasing. Situation like above is not a tough one, some may be even worse that you may have to send back machine back to supplier.

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