Introduction: The Future of Feeding Technology

The high-speed, heavy-duty, servo-controlled CNC feeder, expertly crafted by Henli, is a cutting-edge feeding machine specifically engineered for integration with high-speed presses in the production of thick plates and long strokes. This state-of-the-art technology outperforms traditional CNC feeders, offering numerous structural advantages that make it the perfect solution for various industries.

Unmatched Clamping Capabilities: Dual-Cylinder Clamping

One of the primary benefits of Henli’s servo-controlled CNC feeder is its dual-cylinder clamping system. This innovative feature allows for the adjustment of clamping force by modulating the pressure of the three-point combination. As a result, it provides reliable clamping for a wide range of material thicknesses, without causing any surface damage – a distinct advantage over conventional CNC feeders.

Superior Feeding Accuracy: German Servo Motor and Closed-Loop Control System

The feeding roller in Henli’s high-speed CNC feeder is powered by a German servo motor, which works in tandem with a reduction gearbox. This advanced design utilizes a closed-loop control system, offering improved feeding accuracy and stability compared to the semi-closed control system found in traditional CNC feeders.

Reciprocating Feeding Method: Enhanced Speed and Compatibility

Henli’s servo-controlled CNC feeder employs a reciprocating feeding method, allowing both forward and reverse strokes to be fed in the same direction, either singly or consecutively. This ingenious approach enables feeding speeds several times faster than conventional CNC feeders, reaching up to 480 strokes per minute. This breakthrough resolves the high-speed feeding issue commonly encountered with standard CNC feeders, ensuring seamless compatibility with high-speed presses.

Compact Design, User-Friendly Operation, and Exceptional Precision

The high-speed, heavy-duty CNC feeder by Henli boasts a compact structure, making it an easy addition to any production line. Its user-friendly operation and remarkable precision further set it apart from the competition, solidifying its position as a top choice for businesses seeking efficient and reliable feeding technology.

Widespread Industry Adoption and Client Satisfaction

Currently, Henli’s high-speed, heavy-duty, servo-controlled CNC feeders are extensively employed across various sectors, including automotive, electronics, hardware, and motor manufacturing. Their exceptional performance has garnered praise and approval from a diverse range of stamping clients, making them the ideal choice for use in conjunction with high-speed presses from different brands and capacities.

Conclusion: The Ultimate Choice in Feeding Technology

In summary, the high-speed, heavy-duty, servo-controlled CNC feeder by Henli represents a significant leap forward in feeding technology. With its unparalleled clamping capabilities, superior feeding accuracy, enhanced speed, compact design, and widespread industry adoption, this advanced feeder is the ultimate choice for businesses seeking to elevate their production processes and stay ahead of the competition.

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servo feeder