Recently, a prominent speaker manufacturer reached out to us expressing their interest in acquiring three units of our company’s mechanical NC servo feeders, model NC-300. This comes as no surprise, as we’ve been witnessing an increasing number of inquiries about the repurchase of NC feeders in our sales department.

In this article, we will explore the reasons behind the continuous stream of interest in NC servo feeders and their high repurchase rate. We will also delve into customer feedback to understand the features that make these feeders so sought after in the industry.

Customer Feedback on NC Servo Feeders

1.Professional Electronic Component Manufacturer’s Perspective

A manager from a renowned electronic component manufacturing company, which has been utilizing seven NC servo feeders for over five years in their stamping workshop, had glowing feedback to share. According to the manager, these feeders boast high automation, stability, and reliability. In comparison to air feeders and roller feeders, NC servo feeders offer simpler operation and lower fault rates, reducing the need for highly specialized operators. Additionally, the adjustment process after die changes is much more convenient, leading to significant labor cost savings. Most importantly, the feeders deliver exceptional and consistent precision, resulting in improved product quality and reduced scrap rates. In light of these advantages, the company is planning to phase out the use of air feeders and roller feeders, fully embracing NC servo feeders.

2.Semiconductor Component Manufacturer’s Feedback

The head of the stamping department at a semiconductor component manufacturing company, which has been using twelve NC servo feeders for four years, also provided valuable insights. Prior to adopting NC servo feeders, they faced challenges with feeder precision, particularly for products with multiple step distances. Manual intervention, such as cutting coil material and feeding it manually, was often required. However, since incorporating NC servo feeders, these issues have been effectively resolved. The feeders maintain stable precision within ±0.02mm, and the multi-step feeding functionality eliminates the need for manual feeding after cutting.

The Key Advantages of NC Servo Feeders

1.High and Consistent Precision

The NC servo feeders are equipped with (Japanese Mitsubishi) servo motors driven by synchronous belt pulleys for feeding actions. Complemented by a complete set of Mitsubishi control systems and an automatic reset function, these feeders eliminate accumulated errors, ensuring a stable feeding precision of ±0.02mm. This unparalleled precision results in impeccable stamped products.

2.User-Friendly and Highly Automated Operation

Operating NC servo feeders is a breeze, thanks to the intuitive seven-inch touch screen interface. Setting the feeding step, speed, and cumulative product count becomes a simple task without the need for extensive mechanical adjustments. As a result, operators can easily achieve high accuracy, leading to significantly increased effective working time.

3.Multi-Step Feeding Functionality

The NC servo feeders offer multi-step feeding capabilities, allowing for easy configuration of feeding step distances and frequencies through the touch screen. This flexibility caters to the demands of special product stamping production, ensuring optimal results for diverse production needs.

High Customization and Wide Range of Applications

NC servo feeders come in various types, with thickness options of 2.2mm, 3.2mm, and 4.5mm, and relaxation methods such as mechanical and pneumatic. Moreover, they are available in separate or integrated configurations, offering a wide array of customized models, including swivel-type NC servo feeders, thick plate NC servo feeders, and high-speed NC servo feeders. This versatility makes them suitable for a broad range of press feeding operations.

In conclusion, NC servo feeders have garnered widespread acclaim due to their outstanding performance and remarkable features. With high and consistent precision, user-friendly operation, multi-step feeding capabilities, and extensive customization options, these feeders elevate production efficiency and product quality for various industries. Embrace the power of NC servo feeders and experience unparalleled results in your stamping processes.

NC Servo Feeder
NC Servo Feeder