The NC Servo Feeder, characterized by its unparalleled precision, stability, automation, and user-centric operations, eclipses the traditional punch feeders in the market. With a well-crafted design, infrequent failure rates, and an enduring lifespan, it gradually takes over the primary market position once dominated by the roller feeder. This positions the NC Servo Feeder as the preferred ally for punch presses within the stamping industry.

A Dual-System: Superior Host and Electric Control Box

The NC Servo Feeder distinguishes itself from conventional feeders by operating on a dual system, comprising a host and an electric control box. The host is essentially a servomotor attached to the side of the punch press through mounting plates. This motor fuels the feeder roller using synchronous pulleys, facilitating effective feeding. Strategically placed at the lower front end are two sets of pressure springs that secure the material. Additionally, a pair of cylinders work hand-in-hand to clamp and release the feeder roller, effectively eradicating cumulative errors.

Designing the Electric Control Box: A Two-Section Approach

Also referred to as the control box or cabinet, the electric control box of the NC Servo Feeder comes in two models – a traditional vertical model and a more modern inclined model, the latter aligning more closely with user operational demands. It’s partitioned into two sections for better functionality.

The top segment, or the operation area, is adorned with a seven-inch touchscreen, operational buttons, control motherboard, a Mitsubishi PLC, a signal processing board, and an isolation module. Meanwhile, the lower electric component area houses AC contactors, intermediate relays, transformers, and Mitsubishi drivers. A supplemental portable manual control box aids in real-time control during feeding and operation. The control box is connected to the host machine, punch cam, and external power source through three sets of wires, thereby ensuring smooth operation.

Effortless Operations with NC Servo Feeders

Working with the NC Servo Feeder is seamless. After simple tasks such as feeding material, blocking, and adjusting thickness are completed, the user merely needs to set the feeding length, frequency, and speed on the touchscreen to kickstart uninterrupted production.

This system comes with a memory storage feature, allowing for parameters like feeding length, frequency, and speed, used previously, to be saved in the PLC control system using unique product numbers. For future use, these parameters can be swiftly recalled by inputting the relevant product number, granting immediate access to the production state. This feature is particularly useful for complex, multi-stage stamping processes, reducing machine setup and debugging time substantially and contributing to enhanced work efficiency.

The NC Servo Feeder, with its impressive array of features and user-friendly design, stands as a testament to innovation in the field of punch feeders. Whether it’s the sophistication of its dual-system operation or the convenience of its memory storage, the NC Servo Feeder outperforms, outlasts, and unquestionably outshines its competition.

nc servo feeder
nc servo feeder