A breath of fresh air in the field of high-end automation, the Henli Thin Plate Double-Headed Uncoiling Three-In-One Coil Feed Line has successfully been launched. Henli, with its unwavering commitment to innovation and customer satisfaction, has once again set a milestone with this exceptional machine, meticulously designed and tailored to its client’s specific needs.

Understanding the Henli Three-In-One Coil Feed Line

As the name implies, the Thin Plate Double-Headed Uncoiling Three-In-One Coil Feed Line is a unique solution featuring a twin-axis telescopic drum arrangement in its material rack. The genius of this setup lies in the capability to maintain one drum in operation while keeping the other on standby, thereby enabling two 3T coils to be loaded simultaneously. The real beauty of this technology, however, is the ease of reloading while the machine is running.

Once a coil is used up, a quick swap is as simple as operating the handle. This capability not only ensures high-speed feeding without deformation, but it also significantly reduces coiling and replacement time, enhancing production capacity and reducing production costs, hence epitomizing efficient automated stamping production.

Servo Motor: The Key to Smooth Operations

In the real-world application of the Thin Plate Double-Headed Uncoiling Three-In-One Coil Feed Line, the standout feature is its ability to optimize downtime. While one coil expansion drum is busy in operation, the other can perform tasks like coiling and tensioning, all the while being ready to spring into action when needed.

The transition from one drum to the next is seamless, driven by a servo motor controlling a small gear via a planetary gear reducer. The small gear then rotates a larger gear, triggering a 180° turn of the rotating worktable, shifting the standby drum into the working position. This automation not only saves time and labor but also significantly enhances stability and speed in coil change, a testament to Henli’s commitment to production efficiency.

Exceptional Quality and Configuration

Beyond the operational advantages, the Thin Plate Double-Headed Uncoiling Three-In-One Coil Feed Line stands out for its industry-leading parts and electrical configurations. Thanks to rigorous processing by CNC machines, the quality of this machine is nothing short of exceptional, promising a lifespan extending over a decade of stable, trouble-free operation.

Henli’s Thin Plate Double-Headed Uncoiling Three-In-One Coil Feed Line isn’t just another piece of equipment; it’s a statement of commitment to the pursuit of perfection. The journey of innovation continues, and we can only watch with bated breath as Henli continues to redefine the high-end automation landscape.

Three-In-One Coil Feed Line
Three-In-One Coil Feed Line