The heavy plate uncoiling and leveling machine stands out as a cutting-edge solution tailored to meet the specific requirements of automotive stamping workshops, material compositions, and processes. This innovative machine, when combined with a heavy plate double roller NC servo feeder, creates a fully automated stamping production line capable of handling materials with thicknesses up to 9.0mm.

Key Structural Features for Enhanced Efficiency

Efficient Uncoiling Design

One of the main advantages of this heavy plate uncoiling and leveling machine is its power-free design for the uncoiling process. This efficient approach requires only a minimal material waiting area, thereby increasing uncoiling speed and reducing the necessary floor space. Ultimately, this conserves valuable factory space. Additionally, the material rack features a pressing arm mechanism, which works in tandem with a hydraulic loading platform and a specialized clamping device to enable rapid automated loading.

Advanced Leveling Input

The machine’s leveling input employs an upward input configuration, increasing efficiency and ease of use. Furthermore, the leveling machine’s inlet is equipped with a separate pressing arm device and a hydraulic shearing apparatus (compatible with material thicknesses ranging from 0.8-9.0mm and requiring no gap adjustment between 1.2mm-3.2mm). This feature allows for the quick shearing of irregular material heads, achieving fully automated feeding and input.

Revolutionary Leveling Machine Section

Significant upgrades have been made to the leveling machine section, including an increase in the diameter and quantity of leveling rollers. A pneumatic cylinder pressing device offers substantial and stable pressure during the leveling process, ensuring optimal results. Additionally, leveling adjustments are made simple with a worm gear mechanism, guaranteeing precise leveling outcomes.

Revolutionizing the Automotive Stamping Process

The custom-designed heavy plate uncoiling and leveling machine for the automotive industry is a game-changer in stamping workshops. Its efficient uncoiling design, advanced leveling input, and revolutionary leveling machine section combine to create a high-performance, fully automated stamping production line. With this innovative technology in hand, automotive manufacturers can achieve increased productivity, accuracy, and cost-effectiveness in their stamping processes, driving the industry forward and delivering exceptional results.

Uncoiling and Leveling Machine
Uncoiling and Leveling Machine