Introduction to Thin Plate Leveling Machines

Thin plate leveling machines, commonly referred to as thin plate straightening machines, are essential tools in the stamping industry. These machines are designed to level and relieve stress on coiled and sheet materials ranging from 0.1-0.6mm in thickness. Available in both double-section and single-section models, they can accommodate various material widths, including 150mm, 200mm, 300mm, and 400mm.

In this article, we will delve into the crucial components, drive systems, adjustments, and applications of thin plate leveling machines, providing valuable insights for potential customers:

nderstanding the Rollers and Their Arrangement

Thin plate leveling machines are equipped with 20mm diameter rollers, made from high-quality imported bearing steel. These rollers undergo heat treatment at HRC60º and grinding before being coated with hard chrome and precision ground. This process ensures consistency and tolerance of the chrome layer on each shaft.

  1. Double-section thin plate leveling machine: This model features a staggered arrangement of three upper and three lower rollers in the front section, followed by nine upper and ten lower rollers in the rear section. This arrangement is ideal for leveling materials with irregular or varying curvature.
  2. Single-section thin plate leveling machine: This model utilizes a 9-upper and 10-lower roller arrangement, making it suitable for leveling materials with upward curvature.

The Innovative Roller Drive System

The thin plate leveling machine boasts an advanced universal joint precision gear drive system with small pitch precision adjustment. This innovative system enables simultaneous stress relief and leveling, meeting customer requirements for various stamping applications.

Controlling Leveling Speed with Precision

Equipped with a frequency control speed system from Taiwan’s Shihlin, the thin plate leveling machine offers adjustable speeds ranging from 0 to 16m/min. This adjustable speed range allows for precise coordination with material racks and feeders, effectively preventing material oscillation.

Simplified Leveling Adjustments

Thin plate leveling machines feature an innovative engraved handwheel, which replaces traditional dial gauge adjustment methods. This new system provides a simpler, more accurate, and longer-lasting leveling adjustment with enhanced stability.

Versatile Application Scope

The double-section thin plate leveling machine is well-suited for products requiring high leveling accuracy or those with irregular curvature. After an initial coarse adjustment in the front section, the material’s curvature becomes consistent before entering the rear section for precise leveling and stress relief. The high leveling accuracy can reach 0.01mm, making it ideal for leveling and stress relief of metal strip materials and sheet materials with upward curvature ranging from 0.1mm to 0.6mm.

Practical Applications and Unmatched Versatility

Thin plate leveling machines can be paired with punch presses, shearing machines, and hydraulic presses for automated leveling or used independently for sheet material leveling. With widespread and practical applications across industries, these machines offer exceptional versatility for manufacturers and fabricators alike.

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