A sheet metal decoiler, also known as a heavy-duty sheet metal uncoiler, is a feeding and uncoiling device that is commonly used with punching machines, forming machines, shearing machines, hydraulic presses, and laser cutting machines. It is primarily used for carrying and uncoiling heavy-duty coils.

In order to enhance the versatility and stability of sheet metal decoilers, there are several optional devices available for selection, such as:

1.Variable frequency speed control device. By adding a variable frequency speed control device, the speed of the sheet metal decoiler can be freely adjusted according to the demand, thereby increasing the stability of uncoiling and ensuring smoother material feeding while reducing jitter.

2.Cylinder pressure arm device. The main function of the cylinder pressure arm device is to press the outer ring of the coil to prevent the problem of scattered materials when uncoiling. It is typically installed when the material thickness exceeds 2.0mm.

3.Adjustment of inner and outer diameters. The applicable coiling material for sheet metal decoilers is made based on the national standard coil with an inner diameter of Φ508mm and a large outer diameter of Φ1200mm. The standard inner diameter range is Φ450-530mm, and the maximum load-bearing outer diameter is Φ1200mm. If the coil is outside this range, the sheet metal decoiler can be customized according to customer needs.

4.Adjustment of maximum load capacity. Each model of sheet metal decoiler has a maximum standard load-bearing weight. If the actual weight of a coil exceeds this load-bearing weight, the sheet metal decoiler can be customized according to customer needs by increasing the motor, spindle, and material support plate.

5.Hydraulic expansion device. The hydraulic expansion device is installed on the sheet metal decoiler to replace the standard manual expansion device, ensuring that heavy-duty coils are fully tightened while reducing the labor intensity of manual expansion. It is typically selected for coils weighing over 2T.

6.Hydraulic loading platform. The main function of the hydraulic loading platform is to automate the feeding of the coil onto the main spindle of the sheet metal decoiler, making it more convenient and faster to replace coils while reducing the workload of manual coil loading. It also helps to avoid potential safety hazards caused by human error during coil loading, as well as damage to the material and machine due to collisions. It is typically selected for coils weighing over 3T and for wide coils.

7.Photoelectric sensing device or proximity switch sensing device. The photoelectric sensing device or proximity switch sensing device is used to replace the standard contact sensing rod (frame) for non-conductive or film-coated materials during uncoiling.

In summary, sheet metal decoilers play a crucial role in modern metalworking by providing a reliable and efficient way to handle heavy-duty coils. With various optional devices and customization available, sheet metal decoilers can be tailored to meet the unique needs of different applications, greatly improving the stability, productivity, and safety of metalworking processes. By choosing the right sheet metal decoiler and options for specific applications, manufacturers can effectively unleash the full potential of heavy-duty coils and take their metalworking to the next level.

sheet metal decoiler
sheet metal decoiler
sheet metal decoiler