Boldly Embarking on the Journey of Installing High-Speed Roller Feeders

The process of setting up a high-speed roller feeder is essentially a walk in the park, doing away with the requirement for specially trained individuals or electricians. With a firm grasp of several pivotal details, you’re equipped to tackle the installation through a chain of straightforward steps, all graspable in just a matter of moments.

Before diving into the actual setup, it’s crucial to immerse yourself in the anatomy and terminology of the different components of the punch feeder. These are conveniently represented in the provided diagram.

high speed roller feeder

Once you’ve got the basics down, you’re ready to begin the actual installation:

Getting Started with the Mounting Plate

Start by securing the mounting plate onto the punch bed’s side. While fitting the roller feeder’s mounting plate, it’s vital to align it with the punch tray’s center. It’s equally important to confirm that the countersunk screw holes for the mounting plate are adequately deep.

Installation of the Eccentric Disc Mount

Move onto mounting the eccentric disc on the punch’s output shaft. During this stage, ensure that the screws of the three fixation bases are fastened securely.

Securing the Relaxation Rod Device

The following stage involves setting up the relaxation rod device onto the punch slider. Opt for the slider tray’s center for the fixation, guaranteeing that the relaxation rod is upright.

Adjustment of the Roller Feeder’s Three-Stage Pull Rod

Fine-tuning the roller feeder’s three-stage pull rod length and position is a must. For adjusting the rocker pull rod’s length, bring the punch to a halt at the top dead center, loosen the pull rod nut, spin the pull rod to achieve an angle of 90 degrees (±5 degree) with the rocker, then secure the nut.

Regulating the Feeding Time of the Eccentric Disc

Lastly, you’ll need to adjust the eccentric disc’s feeding time based on the die stamping process. The scale on the eccentric disc that regulates the feeding time usually ranges between 9 o’clock and 3 o’clock. To make adjustments, pause the punch at the 9 o’clock mark, rotate the eccentric disc so that the eccentric disc groove’s centerline matches with the pull rod axis, and then fasten the eccentric disc screw. The direction of the eccentric disc scale ring, whether upwards or downwards, hinges on the specific punch and feeder machine.

The procedure is quite intuitive. Team members are urged to undertake the task, and in case any inquiries crop up, don’t hesitate to reach out to us for assistance. With this guide at hand, the installation of a high-speed roller feeder becomes an uncomplicated task, empowering everyone to be part of this exciting journey.

high speed roller feeder
high speed roller feeder