This week I received an email from a customer who is from South Africa. He is would like to know about our company’s coil uncoiler. I introduced our company’s uncoiler machine and sent him a detailed video of our uncoiler. Please see below is about uncoiler video:

The uncoiler produced by our factory is suitable for all kinds of coil materials and can be used together with the leveling machine. The maximum weight can be customized to 15 tons, the maximum width can be 1600mm, and the press arm can be matched according to customer needs. Including A-frame, trolley, hydraulic pallet feeding device, oil pressure expansion mode, can be used without power, can be fully automatic with electric box, motor can be speed-controlled, etc., all configurations can be customized. Below our uncoiler different styles:

If you want to know the full uncoiler, you can check out a news I have sent before,here is the link:

During the conversation, I know that the South African customer’s specifications are quite special. His requirement the inner diameter is 150, the weight is no more than 150kg, and the width is 100mm. Generally, the uncoiler is worth weighing and the inner diameter of the coil. The inner diameter of the material used for the uncoiler range is 450-530, so I also recommend another uncoiler to our customers. Please see picture and video about the CR type coil cradle:

This machine is called CR type coil cradle. It is relatively rare in the market. Most of people use coil uncoiler. Our material frame can have an inner diameter of at least 150, which is very suitable for customers’ needs. Finally, the customer has placed a single order with me.

If you want to know more details, I hope you get in touch with me as soon as possible.Thank you!