In a cut to length line, an uncoiler is usually used to uncoiling the coil. In order to achieve the working form of active feeding and passive uncoiling of materials, when actively feeding, the power of the main motor of the uncoiler needs to be transmitted to the main shaft. When the cut to length line is linked, the main shaft is passively rotated by the leveler through the steel plate. At this time, the power of the main motor must be disconnected from the main shaft, otherwise the two powers will interfere, and one of the powers will be destroyed. Especially when the material is heavier (over 3T), this phenomenon is obvious, which greatly affects automated production. In order to solve such problems, Henli has installed clutches on the large-tonnage uncoilers used in the cut to length line, so that the material rack can simultaneously realize the functions of active feeding and passive uncoiling.

The working principle of the clutch of Henli’s uncoiler: when the piston rod of the uncoiler cylinder expands and contracts, the main shaft is driven to rotate by the connecting rod connected to the piston rod. The main shaft drives a pair of connecting rods mounted on it to swing around the main shaft, so that the rollers swing. Because two rollers are stuck in two corresponding grooves of a half clutch respectively, then stir this half clutch, make this half clutch slide on the driven shaft. In this way, it is sometimes engaged with the jaw half clutch installed on the drive shaft of the uncoiler, and sometimes separated from it. When engaged, it is connected with the motor drive shaft of the uncoiler, so that the steel plate is pinched forward by the pinch shaft, and the steel coil is driven to uncoiling, which is active feeding. And when the two half-clutches are separated, it is passive uncoiling.

After the uncoiler is equipped with a clutch, it can realize the active feeding of the sheet material, and the uncoiler also has a passive uncoiler function. It not only improves the production efficiency of the cut to length line, but also reduces the maintenance cost of the entire production line.

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