The metal sheet coils uncoiler is a special equipment for sheet metal leveling, which can be used to make open, leveling, cut production lines and other plate products line according to the related configuration. It is suitable for machinery, vehicles, metal products, household appliances, steel structure, decoration and other industries.

The metal sheet coils uncoiler is one of the most important equipment in the stamping production line. One of its functions is to support the steel coil by tightening the inner hole of the steel coil, and the other is to send the steel belt head to the leveler by rotating the straight head. Therefore, the performance of the uncoiler is very important to the whole production line. In many years of design practice, the structure of the uncoiler has been optimized and improved so that the performance of the uncoiler has been improved.

The main shaft of the uncoiler has two functions, one is to drive the steel coil to rotate, and the other is the tightening support of the coil. The realization of tightening is usually accomplished by an oil cylinder or air cylinder that is installed with the main shaft to push the slanting slider. The small units use the air cylinder and the large units are mostly used in the oil cylinder. The realization of the rotation is usually accomplished by the motor driving the spindle through the reducer. The air cylinder or oil cylinder installed on the spindle should be rotated with the main shaft, and the air cylinder or oil cylinder need to be connected to the working medium pipe, and the other end of the pipeline is also connected to the hydraulic station or the solenoid valve.