The servo circle cutting production line is a combination model specially designed for the punching and blanking of coiled sheets, which usually consists of an uncoiler,coil leveling machine, and an NC zigzag servo feeder. Through the left and right circle cutting of the NC zigzag servo feeder, the round and round cutting can be realized, and the utilization rate of materials can be improved. It is also the current energy-saving and material-saving wafer blanking method.

However, when the coil material is very wide, the left and right swing range of the NC zigzag servo feeder will be very large. At this time, if the standard uncoiler is still used, the coil will be damaged and the feeding accuracy will be inaccurate due to the excessive swing range. In order to fundamentally solve this problem, Henli specially developed and produced a large-scale zigzag uncoiler. Its structural feature is that when the NC zigzag servo feeder deviates left and right, it can cooperate with it to produce a certain distance yaw shift. The advantage of this is to reduce the swing range of the coil material, avoid the wear of the coil material and the inaccurate feeding.

The large-scale zigzag uncoiler adopts the sliding rail type displacement method, and the large-scale hydraulic pressure is the moving power (adjustable speed). Ensure that during the uncoiling process, the uncoiler performs automatic yaw movement, and is equipped with various settings such as disc brakes, pneumatic pressing arms, and spindle support arms. Guarantee the reliability, stability and synchronization of deflection during uncoiling.

Now take the 1500mm large zigzag uncoiler as an example to introduce its performance parameters in detail:
1. Coil width: 100mm-1500mm
2. Load: 15T (refueling and pressure supporting mechanism at the front end of the uncoiler)
3. Expansion method: hydraulic wedge type
4. Spindle expansion range: Φ450mm-Φ530mm
5. Spindle drive motor: AC deceleration motor, frequency converter control
6. Spindle drive mode: double-row large-pitch chain drive
7. Spindle brake method: pneumatic disc brake
8. Spindle feeding direction: counterclockwise (feeding from left to right)
9. The pressing arm of the uncoiler: to press the material and prevent the material roll from loosening after the belt is removed. During unwinding and automatic operation, the pinch wheel rotates along with the diameter of the material roll to match the linear speed of the pinch wheel and the material roll to prevent the material roll from being scattered.
10. Pressure wheel specification: 1 PU rubber wheel
11. Drive mode of pressure wheel: Powered (driven by deceleration motor)
12. The action mode of the pressing arm: pneumatically driven, can be manually raised and lowered, and can be used or not used in automatic operation.
13. ZigZag power: driven by oil pressure, at the same time, the yaw speed of the uncoiler can be controlled by controlling the amount of oil.
14. Uncoiler deflection distance: 1500mm
15. Control method of uncoiler: frequency conversion speed regulation
16. Control of the uncoiler: When the material arc is drooping, it can control the start and stop of the unwinding rack through the induction material belt feedback signal. To ensure that there is a sufficient and reasonable buffer arc between the uncoiler and the leveler or the feeder.
17. The front end of the main shaft is equipped with a pressure support device; the load of the main shaft can be increased to 15 tons.

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