Description: The uncoiling and feeding stamping production line is a simplified production line. It is mainly used for stamping processing occasions with thin material strips and high material flatness that do not require leveling.

The uncoiler unwinds the coil material, and then feeds it to the press punching machine by the feeder to complete the entire automatic production. It is very suitable for the stamping automation needs of computer hardware accessories, digital product hardware accessories and electrical hardware accessories.

Processing materials: cold-rolled sheet, hot-rolled sheet, pickled sheet, galvanized sheet

Material Thickness: 0.05-0.3mm,0.3-1.2mm,0.5-3.0mm

Model selection: uncoiler machine,coil straightener machine,nc servo feeder machine.

Production line process: The uncoiler unwinds the coil material,, and the stamping process is completed by step-by-step feeding through the feeder.

Use Cases:Hinge hardware accessories stamping production line in Dubai