NC servo feeder is a coil feeding equipment with high degree of automation and stable precision, and it is also one of the equipment that foreign customers often order.

12 sets of 2 in 1 decoiler staightener machine with NC servo feeder production line equipment have been delivered in less than 1 month. The British customer continued to order 8 sets of NC servo feeders, and asked Henli to complete the export wooden box packaging of the equipment and deliver the equipment to Shanghai Port within 25 days.

The NC servo feeder is a device that uses a servo motor to directly drive the feeding roller to realize automatic feeding. The control of the servo drive is realized through the touch screen and PLC, and it has high requirements on the production process and the quality of the electrical components.

Today, the NC servo feeder produced by Henli has developed from the original pneumatic single style to various styles of mechanical, thick plate, high-speed, and large-step high-speed. It can meet the needs of automatic processing and production of various coil materials. The spraying color, electric control box, and operation screen are constantly being upgraded and improved, which makes Henli more and more popular with customers.