The function of the leveling machine is to press the strips and plates of a certain thickness through the upper and lower rolls to achieve the leveling effect. There are three types of common leveling machines, namely precision leveling machines. Two-in-one flattening feeder, three-in-one feeder, these models have different models and characteristics. Let’s briefly explain what features the leveling machine has:

  • 2 In 1 feeding machine: suitable for automatic flat feeding of the reel in the stamping process, can be used with the feeding machine, material rack and receiving machine, mainly used for leveling the coil.
  • Precision leveling machine: generally suitable for flattening or stamping of sheet metal after sheet metal, including stainless steel eccentric material, aluminum sheet, circuit board and other metal sheets, can also be customized according to customer’s special requirements.
  • 3 In 1 servo feeder: used for leveling and shearing after flattening the metal plate, belonging to the production line supporting equipment of metallurgical equipment, integrating flattening, feeding and discharging as one, saving space and cost, greatly improving Efficiency is also the most popular machine now.
TL Leveler

The above is the most common types of three leveling machines. The leveling machine has a great effect. During the operation of the product, the equipment can make the production of metal materials smooth and leave no indentation on the surface, thus achieving the beauty of the produced products. At the same time, reduce the cost of production and manufacturing, not only the quality has been improved, but also the difficulty of recruiting people