Recently, Henli’s material procurement, R&D, quality inspection, product delivery departments worked closely together, and successfully shipped two sets of Press Feed Line to the Haier factory.

These two press feed line are suitable for material width of 70-800mm, material thickness of 0.6-6.0, feeding speed of 16-24m/min, and maximum feeding length of 500mm. It has many functions, and is space-saving, durable, and easy to operate. It is particularly effective for extra-long, extra-wide and extra-thick materials. It is unanimously regarded as an advanced automatic feeding device in the industry.

The press feed line is a large-scale mechanical equipment assembled by Henli workshop and provided as a set after no-load test machine for more than 24 hours. The transportation is carried out by sub-component disassembly logistics. After receiving the press feed line, the customer should carefully check it according to the packing list, so as to find and eliminate the problems that may be caused during the transportation process.