For customers who often deal with peripheral equipment of punch press, leveling machine is familiar to everyone. When raw materials enter the punch forming processing zone, they need to leveling sheet metal and so on. Traditional leveling equipment is independent and separate, and today I will introduce this two-in-one heavy plate leveling machine is an integrated equipment with leveling function of aggregate frame.

The leveling part, like the traditional structure, consists of leveling rollers, fixed bearings, gears, adjusting worm wheel elevators and so on. The driving part includes motor, reducer, control cabinet, thick plate leveling material thickness up to 10mm, high yield strength and high strength materials. The two-in-one leveling machine is different from ordinary equipment in that it has material uncoiling function on the side of the fuselage and is controlled by live control cabinet, as shown in the figure.

2 in 1 decoiling leveling machine for thick plate

Characteristics of two-in-one leveling machine for thick plate

The structure design of the two-in-one leveling machine for thick plate is ingenious, which integrates the feeding and leveling functions of the rack into one, avoids the space occupied by multiple equipment’s, and at the same time, the integrated leveling of the feeding can make the whole production more stable. The leveling part is made of solid bearing steel, grinding and hard chromium plating after high frequency heat treatment, so that the material will not be crushed and the surface of the material will not be damaged

The two-in-one leveling machine is equipped with the control rollers of discharge arc, which can set the radian of the material at will by humanized operation, and the radian of the initial material can be repaired to be straight, upward or downward to match the stamping of the die. The original scribed adjustment mode is adopted instead of the traditional percentile adjustment mode without additional correction. The debugging is simpler, more accurate and the service life is longer

In the punch production line, the structure of the two-in-one leveling machine for thick plate has been greatly improved for ordinary correcting equipment. HENLI have been improving the structure design of the punch equipment for 15 years. For example, the two-in-one leveling machine, three-in-one feeding machine and other equipment have obvious effects, save space, and enhance the stability of the machine