Recently, Henli’s Purchasing Department, R&D Department, and Quality Inspection Department cooperated closely, and finally successfully shipped two sets of 3 in 1 coil feeding line to Europe today.

This 3 in 1 coil feeding line is generally suitable for material width of 70-400mm, material thickness of 0.6-4.5mm, feeding speed of 16-24m/min, large feeding length of 500mm, multiple functions, space saving, durability, and simple operation. This 3 in 1 coil feeding line is unanimously regarded as an advanced automatic feeder in the stamping industry.

The 3 in 1 coil feeding line is assembled by the assembly workshop and delivered to the customer after more than 24 hours of no-load test machine.
After receiving the 3 in 1 coil feeding line, the customer should carefully check according to the packing list, so as to find and eliminate the problems that may be caused during transportation.