On June 20, 2022, 2 hydraulic decoiler machine will be loaded and shipped to Spain by sea.

The two hydraulic decoiler machine delivered this time are model MT-1800, suitable for material width up to 70-1800mm, material thickness up to 0-9.0mm, and material weight up to 15 tons.

In order to make this hydraulic decoiler machine uncoil and rewind stably, the machine is driven by 5 belts. The end of the main shaft is equipped with a support device to ensure that the main shaft has sufficient bearing capacity.
In addition, it is equipped with a pneumatic butterfly brake, which can generate friction braking force by clamping the brake disc by the pneumatic brake caliper, which can quickly stop the rotation of the main shaft and realize precise discharging and receiving control.

Since the Spanish customer’s coil material can reach 15 tons, the expansion and contraction spindle is designed to automatically rotate and expand, and can also adjust the speed to run at a high speed. The front of the decoiler is equipped with a feeding trolley, which is convenient for the operator to place the material on the shelf. It is convenient for material preparation and will not cause the problem of bumping the equipment due to handling.