What should we do if there is a problem when using the feeder of the press? Any machine that has been used for a long time will appear various problems such as wear and aging. How to quickly troubleshoot problems and quickly resolve machine failures. Ensuring the normal operation of production has become an essential skill in our work, in order to improve our efficiency.

The feeder is an important part of numerical control punch. It is an auxiliary equipment for automatic feeding of consigned plates or rolls. It ensures the feeding accuracy through digital control. The working principle is to place the processed sheet metal on the working surface of the feeder, to automatically run the sheet metal through the zero return benchmark positioning, sheet metal clamping , then start the press . Feed the sheet metal to the mold on the press, to realize the automatic stamping . The following methods can help us quickly check the problems of the feeder of the punch and the solutions.

  1. Equipment system feedback inspection

Check whether there are any sparks, lights, abnormal noise, abnormal heating and anxiety burning smell in the feeder equipment of press. Carefully observe the surface condition of each printed circuit board for signs of burning and damage. The alarm indicator light shows the fault, and the modern computer sends information to the CNC system. They are distributed in the power supply, servo drive, and input and output equipment. According to the alarm light, the cause of the fault can be determined to further narrow the scope of inspection, which is the most basic and commonly used method .

  1. Visual inspection

During the operation, check whether there are iron blocks, large hard objects, etc. mixed into the groove. During the operation, strictly prevent iron blocks, large hard objects, etc. from mixing into the groove. Check whether the chain pin is broken or loose, replace or repair it in time. Check whether the scraper is damaged or worn. If there is any bent or missing scraper, replace or repair it in time. Scratches or grooves on the “polyethylene” scraper may indicate other problems. Remove the hemp rope and other sundries in the feeder regularly to avoid overloading the motor and damaging the motor and reducer after winding the chain.

  1. Single inspection

When we don’t know which part of the feeder has problems. We can check the parts separately. If the servo system operates alone, whether the light display screen shows normally , or there is an alarm, etc. If the pressure of the feeding roller is insufficient or the roller is in a relaxed state, only gradually and orderly can the equipment problems be found.

  1. Turn to professionals

After all, the production personnel are not professional technical personnel of press feeder equipment, and problems only be checked according to experience. So , when we can’t find out the equipment problem, the best way is to find a professional feeder manufacturer. For example , You can contact Henli Machinery for tech service .