Various elements within a punch press feeder function pneumatically, such as the air feeder’s air cylinder propelling the clamping mechanism, the pneumatic NC servo feeder’s discharge mechanism, or the array of mechanisms in a three-in-one decoiler straightener feeder, including the pneumatic hold-down arm, the material blockading arm, the material aiding arm, and the levelling feed relaxation device. Clean, stable compressed air is essential for these pneumatic parts to operate optimally.

Key Pneumatic Processing Components in Punch Press Feeders

Fundamental pneumatic processing components, embedded in the punch press feeder, are designed for filtration, pressure adjustment, and lubrication of the externally sourced compressed air, utilized by these pneumatic parts. These components hold a significant role in the punch press feeder’s routine usage and functionality.

The punch press feeder employs pneumatic processing components that are refined combinations of air filters, pressure controllers, and oil foggers. The external compressed air initially traverses through the air filter for water and contaminant filtration, which confirms the air source’s cleanliness. Following this, the air source’s pressure is regulated by the pressure controller, maintaining a constant level and avoiding instabilities in the pneumatic parts and potential damage to hardware due to sudden air pressure alterations. Conclusively, the oil foggers handle lubrication, greasing the pneumatic parts, moving components, and seals of the punch press feeder, consequently extending the machine’s overall lifespan.

Maintenance and Adjustment: Ensuring Optimal Operation of Punch Press Feeders

To ensure optimal functioning of the punch press feeder, the pneumatic processing components require regular maintenance and adjustment as part of the machine’s standard care:

Maintenance staff and operators must quickly remove water and contaminants from the pneumatic processing components’ air filter (by activating the screw beneath the air filter). Regularly cleaning the filter mesh is vital to avoid obstructions.

Every time the punch press feeder is operated, the air source pressure needs to be examined (commonly 4-6 kg/cm2, although the actual value varies based on material thickness).

Routine checks must be carried out to ascertain that the pneumatic processing components’ oil fogger is suitably filled with lubricant. The recommended oil for replenishment is the Chinese Petroleum Special Grade Circulating Oil R68. The oil droplet frequency from the fogger should be adjusted as needed; typically, an oil droplet should emerge every 5-6 cycles of the punch press feeder’s operation.

Punch Press Feeder
Punch Press Feeder