Engineered to perfection, the Automated Feed and Shear Production Line redefines the way we cut different variants of metal coil sheets, from cold-rolled steel, hot-rolled steel, to stainless steel, and even galvanized steel. This innovative system has proven invaluable in industries such as automotive, hardware, computer, and electronics manufacturing, revolutionizing their operations with precise, efficient, and high-capacity sheet cutting solutions.

Unleashing Efficiency: The Evolution from Manual to Automated Shear Production

Replacing the manual, time-consuming, and error-prone traditional feed and shear production, the Automated Feed and Shear Production Line ushers in an era of efficiency and precision. No longer do operators have to grapple with the hazards, inaccuracies, and subpar efficiency of manual methods. This game-changing automation provides a reliable solution for consistently high-quality shear production.

Four-in-One: The Comprehensive Operations of the Automated Feed and Shear Production Line

At the heart of the Automated Feed and Shear Production Line are four critical processes – uncoiling, leveling, feeding, and shearing – each fulfilled by a specialized device.

  1. Decoiler: The MT series decoiler plays a vital role in smoothly uncoiling the metal coil sheets, preparing them for the next stages of the process.
  2. Leveller: Depending on the material thickness, either a medium plate leveller (TL series) or a thick plate leveller is utilized to ensure the material is uniformly leveled and stress-relieved.
  3. Feeder: To automate the feeding process, the system employs an NC Servo Feeder (NC series) or air feeder, significantly increasing production efficiency.
  4. Shear: The final cut is executed with precision by a mechanical shear or hydraulic shear, transforming the coiled material into sheets of the desired width.

Redefining Precision and Customizability: An Overview of the Automated Feed and Shear Production Process

This technologically advanced system can expertly handle sheet materials with thicknesses ranging from 0.5-3.0 mm and widths up to 2500 mm. The Decoiler commences the process by unwinding and transporting the coil sheet, which is then leveled by the Leveller, eliminating internal stress. Following this, the NC Servo Feeder automates the feed, adhering to specific client inputs such as sheet size, shearing quantity, and speed. The Shear, driven by the Servo motor of the NC Servo Feeder, makes precise cuts based on the pre-set parameters.

A key highlight of the system is the integration of a 7-inch touchscreen interface on the NC Servo Feeder. This user-friendly feature enables operators to conveniently input essential parameters – sheet size, shearing quantity, speed, and count, simplifying the operation process.

In conclusion, the Automated Feed and Shear Production Line is a comprehensive, efficient, and precise solution for sheet material shearing. With its customization options and additional equipment offerings, it easily accommodates diverse, multifunctional, and high-efficiency production needs, cementing its place as a crucial asset in metal sheet processing.

Feed and Shear Production Line
Feed and Shear Production Line